KYC-Chain’s Ongoing AML Monitoring Tool
Just because a customer is low-risk when they're onboarded, that doesn’t mean they always will be. With KYC-Chain’s new Ongoing AML…
10 Aug 2022
KYC for DeFi Platforms
The proliferation of DeFi platforms and services has brought enormous changes and opportunities to financial services. It has also attracted…
11 Feb 2022
UBO Reporting Requirements Expand Globally
As Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) transparency becomes a vital feature of the financial crime landscape, regulatory authorities around the world…
01 Oct 2020
Ireland Finally Adopts 5AMLD: What Now for Crypto Companies?
Ireland has finally transposed 5AMLD into its national law. This means the country's Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) will be…
10 Sep 2020
The Russian Laundromat
How was over $20 billion laundered out of Russia over the course of four years? Read the full story of…
06 Mar 2020
A Primer on Adverse Media
We've all seen adverse media, also known as negative news, but did you know that is it essential to AML…
27 Feb 2020
6AMLD - The Next Big Thing in AML Regulation
As of June 2021, the 6th AML Directive comes into effect in Europe. Get to know the key changes and…
21 Feb 2020
Transaction Monitoring - What is It and Why Does It Matter?
Transaction monitoring is a vital part of preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. Here's your comprehensive guide including suspicious activity…
17 Feb 2020
Dirty Gold - EY and Kaloti
It's a money laundering scandal full of smuggling, criminals, cover ups, and collusion. Here's the complete (and crazy) story of…
11 Feb 2020
Sanctions 101
We've all heard of sanctions, but how could they impact your business? Here's all you need to know about sanctions.
05 Feb 2020
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