Join SelfKey Network

The SelfKey Network provides a set of tools for identity owners to securely manage their data in a digital identity wallet, and ‘one click sign up’ to a relying party service in the SelfKey Marketplace.

Become a relying party on the SelfKey Network, showcasing your services to a broad audience of users looking for new financial services, while still remaining compliant with KYC, AML, and CTF regulations worldwide. SelfKey users can apply to your services, sending their documents and data to you for review, in one easy step.

Easily Update Requirements

Your compliance workflow integrates directly to the SelfKey Wallet so users can submit documents and data. You can maintain or update your own custom KYC verification process, and users will receive the new updated set of requirements in their desktop or mobile app.

SelfKey Marketplace

List your products and services in the SelfKey Marketplace and gain direct exposure to the SelfKey Network. Users interested in what you offer can sign up directly in the SelfKey Wallet with no extra costs.

Simple Integration

A native support by KYC-Chain takes the burden off your development team as well. Integrate all compliance features you need via a single API.

Accelerate Customer Verification

Your compliance workflow couldn't be easier. You can create a complex verification process in a friendly user interface, manage all applications and access all compliance features in a single app.

Decentralized Apps

SelfKey delivers a robust decentralized identity management solution for your DAPP. Work with SelfKey to enhance your compliance while maintaining your users’ privacy.

Login with SelfKey

Login with SelfKey is an alternative to centralized data harvesting services such as 'Login with Facebook'. This game-changing solution enables convenient consent, data sharing and secure access to integrated partner platforms with just one click.

KYC-Chain gives you the ability to slowly migrate to these future technologies, when you are ready and at your own pace, providing you with a bridge from where the world is today - to where the world is going tomorrow. It could be the last compliance system you'll ever have to integrate.

Compliant Today, with a Technology Bridge to Tomorrow

SelfKey Network enables several technologies that will soon be demanded by regulators and customers alike.

SelfKey enables both the sharing of today's requirements (such as questions, documents and data) but also verified credentials - cryptographically certain attestations which are legally binding and machine readable.

In the future, KYC will be completely automated, with customers verified with mathematical certainty.

SelfKey will also help enable future-focused technologies such as identity hubs and digital identifiers (DIDs), which can help meet global regulator requirements such as FATF's travel rule through secure, consent and DID-driven integration.

The days of information leaks and data silos will be a thing of the past when data is more securely stored, accessed and shared with these breakthrough technologies.

List your products and services in the SelfKey Marketplace and gain direct exposure to SelfKey Wallet users interested in what you offer.

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