Passive Liveness takes seamless onboarding to the next level

Passive Liveness is a new verification technology that can accurately identify if a person undergoing a selfie or video screening is the same individual presented on the ID document they upload. KYC-Chain is excited to announce the introduction of Passive Liveness in our end-to-end onboarding tool, further strengthening the anti-fraud and compliance toolkit.

For this month’s update, we’re excited to announce one of our latest product releases for this month’s update:  Passive Video Liveness Checks.

Although selfie scans and ID document uploads have become a benchmark KYC process for numerous financial and crypto-based services over the last several years, the technical capacity of fraudsters has been keeping pace. Advanced image manipulation used for “Presentation Attacks” – spoof attempts at using anything from so-called “deep fakes” to cut-out photographs and fabricated screen displays, videos, or even masks – means that there is a critical need for enhanced image verification. Enter KYC-Chain’s Liveness feature.

What is it?

KYC-Chain’s end-to-end workflow solution uses an industry-leading technology known as Passive Liveness. It precisely determines whether a single frame in a captured and submitted selfie is genuine. It evaluates the validity of a selfie without compelling a user to perform a series of actions, such as “turn left, turn right,” etc., known as Active Liveness.

Any Questions?

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By automatically scanning and evaluating an image, Passive Liveness brings some key advantages:

  • It significantly reduces friction in the onboarding process and can thus minimize mid-onboarding abandonment rates. Furthermore, it all happens near-instantaneously, maintaining a seamless and positive experience for your potential customer.
  • It reduces fraud. Passive Liveness obscures the verification process from users and potential fraudsters, reducing the latter’s access to information that could be used to try and “hack” the system in the future.
  • It increases matching rates. Selfie picture uploads can suffer from low-quality pictures being taken by the user, which reduces the accuracy of the match, so a liveness video can help improve the rate significantly.  

In addition, the Passive Liveness feature KYC-Chain uses is a new technological breakthrough: prior systems were not able to reach ISO 30107-3 Level 1 compliance from a single image.

Are you interested in integrating Passive Liveness in your company’s onboarding process to make it more seamless, user-friendly, and fraud-resistant? Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to discuss how KYC-Chain can help.