KYC-Chain’s feature set: flexible workflow and end-to-end KYC AML compliance

The global regulatory environment continues to expand and become more complex. At the same time, each regulated company has unique needs and requirements when it comes to compliance. KYC-Chain’s end-to-end workflow solution provides a powerful and customizable feature set for meeting every regulatory challenge.

While global financial regulations have expanded, so too have the technological solutions for meeting them. In this month’s update, we take a look at some of the powerful features that give KYC-Chain the edge when it comes to optimizing and automating your KYC processes. 

The compliance technology ecosystem can be a complex and confusing place. As digital payments and identity verification needs have grown, so too have the number and types of providers offering innovative solutions for running automated Know Your Customer (KYC) checks. 

With that in mind, we decided that it would be beneficial for our readers to have a clear presentation of what makes KYC-Chain such a powerful tool for a wide range of businesses and sectors seeking to optimize and strengthen their KYC/AML protocols. 

So, what really makes KYC-Chain so special? Let’s take a look.

End-to-End Workflow Solution

What do we mean by end-to-end solution? KYC-Chain offers a front-end platform that our clients can integrate on their own website or app. It’s fully customizable, and can be used to carry out all required KYC checks through to check out. 

Outsourcing their frontend to a provider like KYC-Chain can also save companies valuable resources in terms of both development time and the money that would be required to realize it themselves. 

On the backend, KYC-Chain provides a management app so clients can perform automated KYC/AML checks with a complete audit trail, manage account/client files from within the workflow tool and configure risk levels according to their specific markets.

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Multi-Service Integrated Solution

Every client has their own unique use cases and requirements for their KYC tool. Global coverage is very important, as is full compliance with predominant regulatory regimes such as the FATF Recommendations, 5AMLD, Banking Secrecy Act (BSA), etc. 

The range of KYC features offered by KYC-Chain are designed to work as modules, so clients can pick and choose which ones are most relevant for their own onboarding processes. 

KYC-Chain’s end-to-end workflow solution starts as an off-the-shelf product that can then be configured according to the specific needs and regulatory objectives of each client. 

The ability to customize features allows clients to configure the onboarding process according to their specific needs, regardless of who their end users may be, e.g. retail consumers, high net worth individuals, corporate entities, institutional clients.

If you’re looking for ways to optimize your compliance processes, get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss how your company can use KYC-Chain to scale and grow your business.