KYC-Chain’s Enhanced ID verification

Sometimes, it’s necessary to undertake more extensive ID verification (IDV) screening before onboarding potential customers. KYC-Chain’s Enhanced IDV provides the tools necessary for more sensitive and detailed checks.

We’ve been focusing on upgrading our product to add new IDV features with enhanced coverage and KYC checks.

KYC-Chain can now provide two levels of individual ID verification checks. On the basic level, ID document authentications, biometric selfie scans and OCR data extraction from a document are a foundation offering of the platform.

Additionally we can now also enhance the available individual checks from ID document KYC to ID data checks as well. Our platform can now verify individual data elements such as full name, residential address, date of birth, passport and ID card number.

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ID Data is checked against actual government sources such as India’s PAN card database, China’s National ID card or UnionPay databases, and Australia’s DVS service. This allows matching of residential addresses to an individual’s name according to government databases, for example. 

The enhanced ID data check is an extra module to compliment the basic checks if and when a deeper dive is required, which is especially important for supporting the complaint process in the digital vs paper-based environments.