KYC-Chain provides bespoke solutions for clients across different industries

We’re happy to announce an exciting range of new partnerships: companies from industries as diverse as private wealth management to crypto projects and remittance companies are using customized KYC-Chain workflows to secure their onboarding process and scale efficiently.

This year has started off busy for the KYC-Chain team with a number of new partnerships to announce: 

1) We are now helping support a well-established wealth management fund to carry out KYC on their investors, high net-worth individuals, and family office clients. The process has been mostly manual so far, so they were looking to digitize both the client-facing onboarding flow using our white-label frontend as well as the back-end experience for their team.

2) Any Singapore MAS regulated platform requires a robust and diligent KYC solution to meet the jurisdiction’s high regulatory demands and compliance protections. As a result, we’ve been assisting several regulated digital asset custodians in this region with precise KYC requirements and workflow requests beyond the usual off-the-shelf solution.

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3) Fiat money remittances require AML screening and global coverage as users send and receive money across national borders. Therefore, we have started supporting a platform to help them onboard customers, outside the EU to scale to a larger base of potential customers. 

4) We are still seeing a solid number of blockchain token sale projects, mainly for private investors. As these involve sales that are not public, investor volumes tend to be lower. KYC-Chain has developed a unique KYC workflow model that fits this kind of business case without compromising the solution. 

Are you looking for a market-leading automated KYC tool for onboarding your corporate or individual clients? Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to discuss how KYC-Chain can be your partner in the process.