KYC-Chain partners with some exciting DeFi and NFT projects

KYC-Chain has made some exciting new partnerships over the last few months, demonstrating the versatility of our technology for addressing the new challenges and opportunities of DeFi and NFTs.

KYC-Chain has had an exciting last few months expanding our network with some exciting new partnerships. 

Here’s our short monthly update for your quick read: 

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) have been making big headlines in the blockchain space with many new real world applications offering opportunities in both. We have also made a number of new and exciting partnerships to announce in these two fields over the last few months, which include:

Alkemi – a new permissioned DeFi lending pool geared towards institutional investors. It is similar to Aave and Compound, with the main difference being that they will be dealing mainly with hedge funds and centralized exchanges. A more robust KYB process is required, especially to help make a complicated onboarding flow more user-friendly.

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Engin – a popular platform that provides a system to help developers create blockchain-based games and applications. They have also launched an NFT marketplace which is rapidly growing in popularity. 

unFederal Reserve – a new DeFi project offering the ability to access liquidity. They are working with a bank as a partner so require a strict, higher level of KYC protocols to ensure AML standards are being met.  

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