KYC-Chain expands its fintech presence with new partnerships

We’re very excited to announce several new partnerships with exciting companies and projects operating across the crypto and digital payments spaces.

Here’s our short monthly update on our latest moves and news:
We are excited to announce a series of new partnerships supporting companies’ KYC onboarding processes. These include:

1) A Swiss-registered crypto exchange that required a fully-integrated solution that includes onboarding support for both individual, corporate clients and wallet screening capabilities.

2) A US-based platform that provides institutional OTC trading and digital payment solutions. They are using multiple tools and are exploring the possibility of having one consolidated platform to run all their KYC checks.

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3) A UK-based Bitcoin brokerage firm seeking to digitize their entire onboarding process – which is currently being managed manually – to perform electronic due diligence.

4) A US-based trade finance platform for supply chain financing that requires a streamlined onboarding process. On the business side, this will include the KYC of international buyers and sellers of products and commodities, and on the finance side, it will include individuals, corporates, and banks.

5) A UAE-registered token sale for both retail consumers and corporate investors.

If you are also looking for ways to optimize your compliance processes, get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss how your company can use KYC-Chain to scale and grow your business.