KYC-Chain expands its client portfolio with exciting partnerships

We’ve taken on some exciting new clients, providing our seamless KYC onboarding technology to customers from industries as diverse as precious metal companies, trading desks, VCs, and HNWIs. KYC-Chain’s expanding client portfolio demonstrates the versatility of our onboarding tool for a wide range of sectors – and whether your customers are businesses or individuals.

KYC-Chain has had a busy summer. So here’s our short monthly update for your quick read: 

  1. We have started projects with a couple of precious metal platforms, a trading desk in HK, and a refinery in the UAE. Both are long-established companies that have been keen to update and digitize their onboarding experience for both clients and compliance teams. 
  2. An opportunity to support the fund-raising sale for a decentralized base layer blockchain protocol project. This was interesting as there was a need to onboard many different investor types ranging from VCs to high net worth individuals – a combination of legal entities and natural persons. 
  3. A growing area in the blockchain space is crypto lending. We began support for a platform that acts as a medium between lenders and borrowers, connecting the two. The business case was to help run KYC on behalf of the lenders, so there were a number of counterparties to track. This requires a user-friendly frontend to enable the correct counterparty to onboard the right borrower.

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 4. We are now also working with the OTC trading arm of a well-established crypto exchange that is Singapore MAS licensed and regulated.
5. A German-based platform that is aiming to bring together verified projects and potential investors. Their goal is to create a safe and secure environment by KYC onboarding the founders of the projects. The company is licensed under Germany’s BaFin regulators.

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