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A monthly series where we share latest KYC AML trends, regulations and product updates.
KYC-Chain Wins Best Digital Identity Solution
KYC-Chain has been named the winner of the Best Digital Identity Solution category of the recent KMA and BIS Trade…
30 Nov 2020
New Upgrades: Automated Custom Risk Scoring and Enhanced Due Diligence
Recent upgrades to the KYC-Chain platform now allow companies to perform automated risk scoring and enhanced due diligence on customers…
30 Oct 2020
Major Economies Lead the Way in Implementing the FATF Travel Rule
In this update, we look at how different countries around the world are implementing the FATF’s Travel Rule, and what…
30 Sep 2020
New customers leverage KYC-Chain’s adaptability
As our customer base continues to expand, so do the ways in which the KYC-Chain platform is used. From Malaysia…
30 Sep 2020
KYC-Chain’s Enhanced ID verification
Sometimes, it’s necessary to undertake more extensive ID verification (IDV) screening before onboarding potential customers. KYC-Chain’s Enhanced IDV provides the…
31 Aug 2020
Travel Rule Compliance Challenges for VASPs
Many VASPs are still finding it hard to comply with the FATF Travel Rule. There are a number of reasons…
31 Aug 2020
COVID-19 and Digital KYC
As the global pandemic continues to affect economies and communities around the world, we take a look at some of…
31 Jul 2020
Revised FATF Standards on Virtual Assets 12-Month Review
It’s been a year since VASPs were included in the Travel Rule. How has the industry coped so far? And…
31 Jul 2020
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