KYC-Chain’s New Features

Compliance challenges are constantly evolving — financial criminals find new ways to exploit weak points and loopholes in the digital economy — and regulators develop new rules to keep up. At KYC-Chain, we’re constantly developing new tools to make meeting compliance and security challenges easier for our clients.


KYC-Chain’s Multi-Scope feature is a powerful tool that allows managers to create multiple client ‘scopes’ within a single onboarding platform. This is ideal for compliance managers of a group of companies that need to have separated onboarding processes for different subsidiaries, businesses or divisions — while still maintaining a full control and view over the entire group. It’s also incredibly useful for white label providers that offer onboarding services to numerous clients.

Each scope can be customized on both the front and back ends. This allows for white label branding and design, as well as the implementation of KYC checks that are specific and unique to each business’ particular areas of operation and activities.

Multi-Approval and Manager Permissions

Multi-approval allows applications to be approved by two or more people between instances, as well as between Parent and Sub Scopes. Administrators can now also fine-tune the application’s access permissions for each manager, specifying the exact components and features that are available to them.

Managers with the appropriate permissions have the flexibility to create and delete an unlimited number of unique API Keys. Each key inherits the permissions of the respective manager, thereby enhancing security and control.

Multi-Layer Orgchart

This module allows the user to manually generate a company structure chart at any point in time basing the starting point on any entity within a corporate structure.

Orgchart gives users a powerful "bird's eye view" that displays where an entity fits in across the entire organization or group. The tool will also show you the risk that you are exposed to through the multiple involvements of an entity across corporate structures. Orgchart can also be used to visualize an entity’s ultimate beneficial owners, providing compliance officers and managers with an instantaneous insight into critical data for risk assessments.


Compliance managers have the flexibility to collect documents from applicants manually (for example through email or physical mail). These documents can be seamlessly uploaded to our onboarding platform, where they undergo KYC-Chain's automated Identity Verification and AML screening checks.

This empowers compliance managers to streamline the onboarding procedures, especially for clients with incomplete or varied document sets. Additionally, it caters to clients who prefer submitting physical documents over digital ones.

Registry DOCS

For clients that are onboarding business customers, you now have access to more than just company registry data such as incorporation date, shareholder/directors list and registered address — using our KYB document download feature allows you to instantly download official company documents directly from the register.

Language Switcher

Users can now easily choose their preferred language while onboarding. We offer support in multiple languages and can add new language options at our clients’ request.

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