07 Feb 2023

KYC-Chain announces Version 5.3.0

2023 has got off to a strong start at KYC-Chain. We've kept up the pace we ended 2022 with and have pressed on with our ongoing rollout of new upgrades and features. 

Our most recent upgrade is particularly exciting: KYC-Chain Version 5.3.0 

Let’s take a look at some of the new features included in this impressive new iteration of our end-to-end workflow solution. 

Manager fill – Compliance managers can now collect documents from applicants manually (for example through email or posted, physical documents) and upload them to our system. These are then run through our automated Identity Verification (IDV) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) screening checks. This new feature can help expedite onboarding processes for clients with incomplete or non-uniform document sets, and when they are dealing with clients who prefer to submit physical rather than digital documents. 

Xmass tree corporate structure chart creation – Version 5.3.0 comes with our new instant company structure visualization tool that automatically presents corporate ownership structures, points of overlap and UBO data. It’s the perfect tool for carrying out effective Know Your Business (KYB) checks. 

Data control - Managers can now delete KYC applications and data permanently from the platform when a user requests that their data is deleted, which is a key factor for companies seeking compliance with GDPR regulations. 

Billing and tracking – Our upgraded billing and tracking system provides additional transparency, allowing our clients to keep a detailed view and record of the services they use from KYC-Chain. 

Audit trail upgrades –  Timestamped data and documents allows organized and uniform KYC data sets that are of critical importance in the event regulators pursue an audit of your organization. 

Risk scoring improvements – Version 5.3.0 comes with various new risk scoring improvements, improving the parameters, accuracy and reliability of risk scores applied during an onboarding journey, as well as through ongoing monitoring of existing customers based on risk profiles. 

We’re excited to have all of our valued clients with us on this journey of constantly-improving compliance technology. Together, we’re building a safer and more efficient global digital ecosystem. 

Stay tuned for more innovative upgrades and KYC technology as we move throughout the year!

And if you’d like to hear more about KYC-Chain’s new version and upcoming feature releases, feel free to reach out and/or request a demo.  

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