Industry leaders around the world trust KYC-Chain because of our bank-grade compliance toolkit, user experience, scalability and reliability. We have supported more than 40 companies onboard up to one million users globally.


Effortlessly improve account opening processes (KYC/KYB) and comply with AML and CTF regulations while reducing costs associated with manual identity verification.


Monitor ongoing client behaviors and financial crime risk, and onboard more clients globally.


Whether you are a new project preparing for ICO/STO or a crypto exchange increasing buy/sell limits, automate users identity validation and detect risk while reducing customer friction.


Streamline clients on-boarding, while complying with regulations and safely automating sanctions screening, transactions monitoring and identifying potential risks.


Impress clients with a frictionless on-boarding process and protect your reputation by preventing identity fraud and other risks.


Using our cutting-edge technologies and partner network, wealth managers can access global data sources, extract the relevant documents and data to discover beneficial owners.

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Case Study

The fight against money laundering and terrorist financing is more important than ever. Regulators are handing out huge fines to banks and other financial institutions on an almost daily basis. Since 2009, regulators in Europe and the US have imposed over $342,000,000,000 in fines on banks for misconduct including AML violations.

KYC-Chain began working with Standard Chartered Bank in 2017, with the aim of significantly reducing customer on-boarding time and cost, as well as improving KYC quality.

Standard Chartered operates a network of over 1,200 branches and employs around 87,000 people. Generating over $14 billion in revenue per year, the British multinational was struggling to provide a smooth on-boarding experience to both retail and institutional customers.


  1. Customers faced painful delays in the on-boarding process.
  2. KYC information was submitted twice, due to a lack of communication between different regions and product types.


To bring its on-boarding experience into the 21st century, Standard Chartered Bank partnered with KYC-Chain.

Together we created an innovative solution which cut customer on-boarding times in half through the use of automated identity verification methods.

We have a project with fintech firm KYC-Chain, to improve our client on-boarding process. The project, which uses blockchain (...) can recognise and verify identities of clients in a reliable and fuss-free way.

Standard Chartered CIO, Michael Gorriz

Why work with us

Fully customizable

We work within the legal framework of your country to create different templates that meet a range of KYC requirements. In order to fit your specific needs and adapt to multiple jurisdictions, our software allows you to edit and constantly analyze your processes.

Unlock more possibilities with advanced tools

We enable your business to achieve even better results by providing advanced functionality including accreditation checks for institutional investors, advanced AML screening, wallet screening, and more.

Streamline on-boarding

Decrease the time it takes to onboard customers from hours to minutes. Use our web-based application or integrate into your system via API to quickly enhance your customer on-boarding experience and automate parts of the customer due diligence process.

Control your customers’ data

You can provide and manage a cloud storage platform to store your data. We do not process your users’ data except to provide the service. Our service is customizable to comply with GDPR and other data protection laws.

Think global, act local

KYC-Chain provides an on-boarding solution which works across regions and different product types. Quickly and efficiently review and verify customers around the world.

A KYC solution for today, and tomorrow

Our system is highly adaptable to regulatory change, enabling this to be the last KYC system you ever need. Integrate to various data providers, stay up to date with laws and regulations, and adapt to keep pace with the speed of regulatory change.