ID Verification

Our document verification and facial biometrics technology authenticates 4,000+ types of documents from over 240+ countries and territories in local languages, meaning you can on-board and verify customers around the world in real-time.

Additional features that we support:

Better, More Reliable ID Scanning

If you have had problems in the past with properly authenticating documents, give our system a try - we have the highest levels of acceptance and lowest levels of false positives.

Smart Capture

Our technology automatically detects a good frame and takes the picture.

Digital Tamper Detection

We can detect digitally modified images to help reduce instances of fraud.

Tolerance Levels

We provide configuration that allows different levels of authentication to be set for different individual or groups of documents.

Proof of Address & Registry Checks

We validate the ID data against public, private, and government data sources.

Device Fingerprinting

We analyze the device used for verification and compare hundreds of parameters with blacklists and past behavior and search for inconsistencies.