KYC / AML Compliance Guide for OTC Trading Desks

By implementing seamless and effective Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, OTC Trading Desks can ensure compliance with global regulations, build trust with investors and prevent fraud and money laundering.

While OTC Trading provides crypto buyers and sellers with numerous benefits of exchange-based transactions, the space is also vulnerable to fraud and exploitation by criminals. As global regulators expand and refine their legal regimes covering virtual assets (VAs) and virtual asset service providers (VASPs), the need for robust KYC processes to vet investors is becoming essential. Financial institutions are also increasingly demanding crypto wallet screening as a prerequisite for processing funds generated through crypto trading.

In KYC-Chain’s guide for OTC Trading Desks, we cover:
1. The key benefits, risks and issues surrounding the space.

2.How Automated KYC can be effectively implemented by an OTC Trading Desk,

3.A case study of a company that transformed and optimized their KYC processes by using our solution.

Find out how Automated KYC can expand your investor pool, vastly reduce onboarding times and resource expenditure, build trust among your community and reduce the risk of fraud and financial crime.

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