KYC/AML Compliance Guide for ICOs

By implementing seamless and effective Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, ICO issuers can ensure compliance with global regulations, build trust with investors and prevent fraud and money laundering.

While ICOs have given companies and projects a new and innovative means of raising capital, the space is also vulnerable to fraud and exploitation by criminals. As global regulators expand and refine their legal regimes covering virtual assets (VAs) and virtual asset service providers (VASPs), the need for robust KYC processes to vet investors is becoming essential. KYC-Chain’s best practice guide for ICOs provides token issuers and other VASPs with a breakdown of the key issues surrounding ICOs and regulation - and some concrete steps that can be taken to evaluate the most suitable KYC solution for a company or project’s specific needs. In this guide, we cover: The pros and cons of ICOs The state of regulations and compliance Money-laundering and fraud risks facing ICO issuers and investors How token issuers can verify their investors’ identities with confidence Factors to consider while choosing a reliable and effective KYC solution Learn to navigate the complex ICO compliance landscape so you can build trust among your investors, reach larger investor pools, and remain compliant with global AML / CTF regulations.

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