Integrate KYC-Chain into your system via API to quickly enhance your customer on-boarding experience and analyze your process to constantly adapt and improve.

Our RESTful API gives a single point of integration to all compliance features you need in the existing on-boarding process, so you and your development team can focus on your business tasks, not integration.


We provide a RESTful API with api key and token based authentication which allows you to tap into all stages of the KYC Process. We also include a status notifications mechanism using Webhooks that allows you to not only integrate, but even extend and automate parts of the KYC Process acording to your special requirements.


Focus on growing your business, not on integrations with different vendors and scaling the infrastructure.

We use new technologies and provide powerful tools and clear documentation, so you can get set up in hours not months.

Web-based Application to Cloud Storage


Have complete control over what, if any, customers’ data is sent to us, and all data is encrypted in transit.

We’re third-party audited and our protocols are transparent, documented, and verified.

The KYC-Chain API is easy to understand and simple to use. Our technical team was able to integrate it quickly and easily, and we had great support from the KYC-Chain team when needed.

Integration Flow

Get started

Before integrating our product you will need to understand how it works and the best way to use it in your system. Talk to our software experts and get access to the internal documentation.


  • Product introduction and overview
  • Access to the development portal

Learn & test

The next step is to read our documentation and play in the sandbox environment. The development portal has been arranged to make the information you need as easy to find as possible.


  • Integration guidelines and best practices
  • Sandbox environment

Integrate into your system

Finally, you know and understand how to use and integrate KYC-Chain, time to build your product integration.


  • API credentials
  • Go live