Corporate KYC

Benefit from a fully customizable on-boarding flow and instant identity verification for companies and all beneficial owners. Our system gathers and verifies against golden sources of data for all individual and corporate members, shareholders and directors. Gain an advantage with real-time access to company records through official and authoritative commercial register data, from more than 100+ million companies in 90+ countries and jurisdictions.

Enhanced Corporate On-boarding

Use our web based application or integrate via API into your system to quickly enhance your corporate client on-boarding experience and analyze your process to constantly adopt and improve.

UBO KYC & AML Checks

Screen your corporate and institutional clients and their ultimate beneficial owners for associated criminal or prohibited activities in real-time with our global sanctions and watchlists, politically exposed persons and adverse media databases.

Data Security & Ownership

Maintain complete control of your customers data by connecting our web-based application or API to your cloud storage. Our technology strives for compliance with GDPR and Global privacy laws and regulations in all situations

Flexible & Scalable

Customize the solution to your requirements, including AML, integrate with your applications through RESTful API, and handle hundreds of thousands of checks per day.

Company Registry Check

Access business essential information from official and authoritative commercial register databases, including business registration number, address, incorporation date, activity status, director list, and more.

Worldwide Coverage

On-board and verify your corporate and institutional clients in over 90+ countries and jurisdictions.