KYC for Fintechs
Fintechs have established themselves as the future of banking and finance in the digital economy. Offering customers a constantly-growing and…
18 Aug 2023
Identity verification for Fintechs with KYC-Chain
Fintech companies have revolutionized the way people and businesses access and use financial services. However, as the possibilities for new…
16 Sep 2022
The Impact Of Blockchain Technology On Compliance
Compliance is undergoing radical change in 2019, and likely in the years to come. The demands of international legislation designed…
30 Jul 2019
What is an Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO)?
Compliance requirements are continuously evolving, with new anti-money laundering acts being passed every year. The onus is on businesses of…
24 Jun 2019
What is RegTech? — Your Guide for 2019
Regulatory technology, also known as RegTech, is a field which aims to improve and facilitate compliance processes.
22 May 2019