Customer Onboarding Tool

The Top 4 Customer Onboarding Tips for Businesses
Digital customer onboarding is an essential component of B2C relationships in the digital economy. Done properly, it can streamline and…
15 Jun 2023
The Business Benefits of Digital Onboarding
Digital KYC onboarding allows businesses to authenticate their customers quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. As more companies move away from traditional…
17 Mar 2023
Digital onboarding: transforming approaches to KYC and growth
Digital Onboarding allows regulated companies to take on customers from around the world while remaining compliant with complex and ever-changing…
09 Mar 2023
Payment Service Providers: Level up your KYC / AML
PSPs need to carefully implement KYC/AML strategies and fraud prevention approaches on their clients in order to remain compliant with…
21 Feb 2023
How can Crypto Wealth Managers accelerate onboarding and improve CX?
Crypto Wealth Managers need to have frictionless customer onboarding processes that enrich - rather than harm - their Customer Experience…
24 Aug 2021
KYC for Market Makers: A Case for Advanced Identity Proofing and Institutional Verification
Using KYC-Chain, our market maker clients build fast and detailed insights into the potential clients and projects they are considering…
15 Jul 2021
KYC-Chain: Use Cases and Comparisons
KYC-Chain is an end-to-end workflow solution that is able to provide an expansive range of capabilities to serve the KYC…
21 May 2021
KYC Automation: The Crypto Exchange Solution
As global Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation expands to include crypto companies and exchanges, the rising costs and complexity of compliance…
16 Oct 2020
KYC-Chain Partners with Maxonrow
KYC-Chain to provide onboarding software to Maxonrow, a leading technology company providing software solutions for businesses and governments.
02 Sep 2020