Design your work life

At KYC-Chain we believe the key to great deliveries is deep work and in order to cultivate it we offer our team the chance to design the life that makes them most productive, creative and at the same time allows them to have a good amount of personal time to recharge.

Open positions

Financial Controller

We are looking for a financial controller to undertake all aspects of financial management, including corporate accounting, regulatory and financial reporting, budget and forecasts preparation, as well as the development of internal control policies and procedures.

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Identity Engineer

You will be designing new systems and applying new standards to solve problems covering our core capabilities of identity verification, as well as authentication, decentralization and many other use cases.

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Security Engineer

The most important aspect of the job is to be able to dive deep in technical problems and provide expert guidance, develop security software solutions, find software and logic vulnerabilities in code and services, engage with development and business teams to teach best-security practices, etc.

Sales Representative

You will work closely with a variety of internal functions including the Senior Leadership Team, the wider Sales team, Marketing, Sales Operations, Strategy and all sales support functions across the globe to deliver and share the best practice of sales enabling programmes.

Sales Assistant & Customer Support

We are seeking a B2B Sales Assistant and Customer Support Rep to join our team as soon as possible. The time will be split 60% on Sales Assistant responsibilities and 40% on Customer Support responsibilities.

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Full Stack React and Angular JS Developer

We are seeking a Full Stack React and Angular Developer to join our team as soon as possible. Remote work 100% (however we encourage and we will support your relocation to Thailand where some of our team lives if this is what you want)

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Our team

Our team is gender and race diverse, fully remote and distributed across 3 continents, and we believe this is a strength that allows us to serve customers and build partnerships which are not limited by geography.

Our annual December team meetup in Thailand is the perfect occasion for strengthening inter-personal relations and also for planning for the year ahead. In addition smaller, regional meetups are organized every 3-4 months. Meetups are optional for everyone, but we definitely enjoy meeting face to face once in a while.

We learned that in a remote work environment it is not difficult to find skilled people, options are unlimited. It is the company culture that ultimately dictates who is a good fit for our team.

We do not believe that fixed schedules or micromanagement is the solution to achieving our goals. Our team members are free to decide if, when and from where they want to work.

Cristiana Dutca, Director of Operations

Our values

Kaizen or High Standards

You are constantly improving yourself, the team, the product.


You realize hard work is more important than talent and whatever the goal you make it happen.

Listen, Learn, Grow

You do more listening than talking, you value feedback and you use it as an opportunity to learn and become better.

Deliver Data Driven Results

Data informs decision making and you are fast to change course when presented with data supporting it.


You utilize existing resources to their maximum extent.


Your communication is excellent and you maintain written documentation.

Ownership & Accountability

You never say “that’s not my job” and you accomplish amazing amounts of work.

Skin in the Game, Soul in the Game

You put the focus on actions, striving on impact and you have clear priorities.

Anything is Possible

You think about “What Would It Take for This to Happen?”