AML & Sanctions Screening

Comply with Sanctions, AML and CTF requirements. Our global data sources are continuously updated and include millions of profiles on high-risk individuals and corporations, so you can identify new risks in real-time. Even more, with adverse media we monitor millions of profiles of politically exposed persons (“PEP”), organizations and individuals.

Additional features that we support:

Fitness & Probity

Our fitness and probity data set encompasses individuals who have committed transgressions but who might not necessarily have committed offences that would lead them to be denied funds or bank accounts. It might lead you to reassess a potential business relationship with these entities.

Crypto Regulations

Regulations in the crypto space are constantly changing and often have their approach altered. Ensure your business stays ahead and remains compliant by adopting the highest AML standards with our advanced sanctions and watchlist screening.

Warnings & Regulatory Enforcement

Legal enforcement data gives details of persons who are, or have been wanted by national and international law enforcement bodies in connection with criminal activity. Regulatory enforcement data covers regulatory actions against firms and individuals.