Accredited Investor Check

Are you carrying out an STO/ICO? Go a step further and verify your investors.

Different country laws require companies raising money through private placement capital raises to verify that their investors are “accredited”, “sophisticated” or otherwise monetarily and educationally qualified. These laws can vary from country to country.

A Team of Lawyers Within Your On-boarding Process

We utilize licensed lawyers from around the world to manually verify if investors are fit and proper through performance of a source of funds verification. The result is the easiest, quickest path for investors to give you money without leaving your on-boarding application.

Think Global, Act Local

KYC Templates and Dynamic Questions allow you to craft country-specific workflow to European, American, Hong Kong, Singaporean, Korean, Japanese and other specific country-based security offering laws. Whether it's Reg A, MIFID II, or 503c, we've got you covered.

Reduce Fraud, Increase Conversion

With accredited investor verification you can reduce fraud and improve investors’ experience. Most investors will take less than 5 minutes to complete the process, while our licensed attorneys will ensure the accuracy and authenticity of all provided documents.

Privacy as a Priority

As we value our clients’ privacy, investors have the option to hide their personally identifiable information so that even the reviewers cannot see it.