About us

KYC-Chain is a compliance dashboard and whitelabel customer on-boarding portal enabling companies to perform due diligence on their customers in accordance with CDD/AML/KYC requirements.

Where we are now

KYC on-boarding that is quick, easy, and for both corporates and individuals, in a blockchain enabled financial world.

Where we are going

Enable automated on-boarding of people and legal entities by leveraging technology such as robotic process automation, biometric matching neural networks, and blockchain based identity credentials.

What will get us there

Experience and expertise in the KYC space, but agile and fast moving with superior technology and marketing.

KYC-Chain provides an excellent on-boarding experience to our corporate clients. In this competitive environment it is crucial to make a good impression from the start and KYC-Chain’s comprehensive suite of KYC management tools allows us to do just that.

Raj Radia, Legal & Compliance Analyst at GSR

Key Executives

Edmund Lowell

Founder & CEO

Edmund is a passionate, serial entrepreneur who strives to build technical solutions that help solve problems for both businesses and consumers.

His first company, a corporate registered office firm, originated while he was still a student at Northeastern University in Boston and has grown into FlagTheory.com/incorporations.io.

He chose Asia as the preferred location for his entrepreneurial hunger and has continued to build various RegTech products since then, one of which was KYC-Chain. It was the culmination of painful experiences with KYC checks for Edmund, his team and his clients that prompted him to start the company.

Cristiana Pruteanu

Director of Operations

Cristiana Dutca specializes in operations management with an emphasis on building a strong company culture and ensuring the company can rely on teams who can address complex problems.

She has over 10 years of experience working with international tech companies and helping them create scalable processes and structures to support growth.

Cristiana’s main role is ensuring KYC-Chain’s vision is translated into plans and ultimately implemented.

Kim Li

Director of Sales and Business Development

Based in Shanghai, Kim primarily works to identify clients and help them solve their KYC onboarding challenges with the right solutions.

He also supports and develops the company’s growing network of first class Fintech partners by travelling and speaking at regional events to introduce the innovations that KYC-Chain and SelfKey bring to both the compliance and regulatory sectors.

He has an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Manchester, UK, and specializes in KYC and self sovereign technology.

Ekaterina Nefedova

Director of Finance

After more than 10 years experience in different finance departments in the big international companies Ekaterina switched her career to a Start up in Tech & Digital. She loves challenging herself with a new areas, she is always ready and happy to learn something new. Passionate about the business, and finance

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