30 Sep 2020

New customers leverage KYC-Chain’s adaptability

Hello everyone, and welcome to KYC-Chain’s monthly update. We have a number of exciting new KYC projects to announce this month, which continue to demonstrate how our platform can be used to serve and improve a diverse range of processes for our customers. 

So let’s get to them. 

​1) Firstly we are building the eKYC service for Maxonrow, a Malaysia based blockchain technology company which also includes a crypto exchange. A robust regulatory compliant KYC system is required to add security to their ecosystem without sacrificing regulatory oversight.
2) We are also proud to begin work with the Republic sovereign state of Liberland in Europe to support its residency program and citizenship application process. eKYC is an important first step of the E-residency program, which will enable its citizens to undertake e-services both public and private by using digital technology for economic benefit and innovation potential.

3) Additionally, we are further increasing our footprint in the wealth management industry by working with St Gotthard Fund Management, a Swiss based fund. The KYC onboarding of investors, high net worth individuals and family offices requires a focus on providing high quality data checks and security/privacy of data.

If you have similar KYC requirements then do let us know if you are interested in starting a conversation.

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