A global turn-key compliance solution

An all-in-one workflow solution to verify your customers’ identities, streamline a KYC on-boarding process and manage the entire customer lifecycle.

Individual and Corporate KYC

Explore our extensive range of KYC services
Access SelfKey Network
Partnership with SelfKey allows us to support a blockchain approach and a tokenized KYC approach called SelfKey.iD
Identity and Verification
Our partner network allows us to complete fast and accurate Identity Documents Verification from over 240+ countries and territories.
KYC and AML Checks
Screen your individual, corporate and institutional clients for associated criminal or prohibited activities in real-time with our global sanctions and watchlists, politically exposed persons and adverse media databases.
Crypto Wallet AML
Innovative technology allows you to analyze the historical transaction of a crypto wallet and check it against known risk indicators.
Flexible and Scalable
Customize the solution to your requirements, including GDPR, integrate with your applications through RESTful API, and handle hundreds of thousands of checks per day.
With KYC-Chain, your business benefits from the most advanced technologies on the way to compliance with GDPR, CRS, MiFID II, MiCA, FATCA, KYC and AML laws and regulations.

You on-board, we support

Enjoy seamless onboarding with full data control
Your business, your data
Have complete control of your customers’ data by connecting our web-based application or API to your cloud storage.
Use what you need, pay for what you use
Customize the solution to your requirements, including GDPR, integrate with your applications through RESTful API, and handle hundreds of thousands of checks per day.
Scale and Save
Focus on growing your business while minimizing costs and risks for on-boarding new users around the world.
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KYC-Chain advantages

Unlock the Full Potential of KYC-Chain Solutions

Comply with regulations

With 50+ years of hands-on experience in financial and regulatory fields, our team can set up the system to your specific requirements, providing a solution that helps to comply with global, local and future regulations.

Operate your business globally

We authenticate 4,000+ types of documents from over 240+ countries in local languages, which means you can on-board and verify customers around the world.

Reduce operational costs

We help your compliance team efficiently review and process incoming customers by streamlining their workflow and automating the screening and verification process.

Streamline on-boarding

Use our web-based application or integrate into your system via API to quickly enhance your customer on-boarding experience and analyze your process to constantly adapt and improve.

World-class customer support

Your dedicated account manager will guide you and support your time throughout the whole process: set up, training, maintenance and ongoing support.

Secure your customers’ data

We make the security of your data a priority. Access bank-grade security and remain the owner of your data.
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Let the Numbers Do the Talking

Сompanies that work with KYC-Chain identity verification software save costs and increase revenue
data sources
countries and territories covered
data check response time
successful on-boardings
types of ID documents supported

Bank-Grade Compliance Toolkit

Comprehensive Compliance Tools for Financial Institutions

Sanctions Screening

Name search against individual and corporate Sanctions Screening, Politically Exposed Persons and Adverse Media global lists.

Identity Verification

Verify identity documents through algorithmic validity checks of each unique identity card, with coverage for every country in the world.

Biometric check

Instant validation of facial features between a printed document face and a live image captured on a device. Our tool provides a likeness correlation by identifying and analyzing a set of 68 facial landmarks.


Our RESTful API gives a single point of integration to all compliance features you need in the existing on-boarding process, so you and your development team can focus on your business tasks, not integration.

OCR Extraction

Automatically extract data from identity documents to ensure high quality and consistent data collection.

Company Registry Results

Integration with global company registry databases, checking business registration number, incorporation date, activity status, director list, ordering of available filed documents and more.
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The compliance solution for your industry

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