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KYC-Chain is a B2B managed workflow application that enables organizations to better manage their KYC processes for both individuals and corporates. A white labelled end-to-end solution to streamline the onboarding process for your customers, and greatly improve efficiency for your compliance team.

Out-of-the-box Compliance

Ready-made compliance software with the latest KYC technology means your business has the right toolkit to meet regulatory requirements with no impact on time to market.

Onboard more customers, faster

We help your compliance team efficiently review and process incoming KYC applications by streamlining their workflow and automating the screening and verification process.

Seamless customer experience

Use our fully white-labeled customer onboarding portal to quickly deploy an onboarding experience for your customers, or use our API to integrate into your existing system

Flexible Requirements

Our template-based KYC system allows you to adapt to changes in your business, market or regulatory climate with just a few clicks.

Flexible for your Business

KYC Templates Use Dynamic templates to update your KYC requirements in real-time, add new processes without a developer and support as many KYC processes as you need.

Fully supported API Our plug and play compliance process integration means you can push data to your application and extract information for your other business units with ease.

Support corporate and individual customers Your compliance officers can set up and manage individual and corporate processes from the same compliance dashboard

Bank Grade Compliance Toolkit

Sanctions screening Name search for both individuals and corporates against best-practice sanctions screening, politically-exposed-persons, and terrorist lists

Identity Verification Verify identity documents through algorithmic validity checks of each unique identity card, with coverage for every country in the world.

OCR Extraction Automatically extract data from identity documents to ensure high-quality and consistent data collection.

Biometric Scoring Compare identity document photos to a selfie to provide a likeness correlation score to prevent misuse of documents.

Company registry results Integration into 80+ company registry databases, checking business registration number, incorporation date, activity status, director list, and more.

Compliance Dashboard & Customer Portal

No in-house development Let our team set up your compliance system, so yours can focus on delivering high-value, core technology

White-labeled customer portal We host directly on a subdomain of your website for a seamless customer experience on both mobile and desktop.

Customer communications (email, request more info) Streamline communication, follow up with clients and boost your completion rates with our email integration.

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