KYC-Chain: The Ultimate banking Compliance Platform

What is KYC-Chain?

KYC-Chain is a novel platform built over the convenience and security of Distributed Ledger technology, allowing users to manage their digital identity securely, while businesses and financial institutions are able to manage customer data in a reliable and easy manner.

Full Transparency

Distributed Ledger technology provides a reliable source of truth for identity and related events, also secured by a collection of cryptographic mechanisms to ensure that data can’t be tampered with, thus serving as a solid provenance for audits and regulatory checks.

Easy Data Sharing

KYC-Chain provides a convenient and secure platform for sharing verifiable identity claims, legal documents and all sorts of relevant identity information without compromising the privacy of its owners and the integrity of the data.

Online Onboarding

Businesses and Financial Institutions can now easily and securely onboard new customers by relying on Proof of Videocall and secure communication channels. KYC-Chain breaks admission barriers by providing a secure mechanism to prove digital identity.

Proper Compliance

KYC-Chain is built taking into account the actual legal framework regarding identity and customer data at a global scale. Multiple mechanisms are provided to aid institutions to comply with regulatory norms, such as automatic smart checks on external data sources.

Why KYC-Chain?

Built over Distributed Ledger technology, KYC-Chain provides consensus on identity of individuals and companies at the highest level of trust, bringing a new level of ease and simplicity to the process of onboarding new customers for businesses and financial institutions, while ensuring the compliance of regulatory standards.
The future of finance, law and commerce rely upon identity.

Identity, although quite an abstract concept, is certainly a crucial element for all kinds of interconnected entities. Identity is what brings trust to social life.

Thousands of years ago, the Ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself” was inscribed at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Today, we provide a new method to know oneself: Proof of Identity.

KYC-Chain is new technology aimed to keep regulators satisfied with Smart verification procedures while providing businesses with a smooth and efficient KYC process, and last but not least – provide end users with the ability to be the sole owners of their identity data.

  • Strong cryptographic protocols are employed on the different layers of the platform in order to provide high-grade security, privacy and verifiable proofs of identity secured by the immutability of distributed ledgers.

  • Users own the “keys” to their personal data and identity certificates. Therefore, identity owners are the only ones who get to choose which part of their information is to be shared, with whom and under what terms.

  • Identity does not only apply to natural persons. Being able to prove the legitimacy of legal entities is also critical. KYC-Chain provides a convenient platform for incorporating companies, by allowing registered agents and owners to share the pertinent documents and get them digitally attested by notaries and institutions.

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