KYC-Chain: The Ultimate banking Compliance Platform

What is KYC-Chain?

KYC-Chain is a novel platform built over the conveniency and security of blockchain and smart contracts technology, allowing banks and financial institutions to manage KYC (Know Your Customer) data in a reliable and easy manner.

Online Account Opening

KYC-Chain provides an easy and secure platform for opening accounts online, while complying with all pertinent laws and regulations.

Share KYC data easily

Receive and share KYC information quickly and easily within your organization, as well as externally to correspondent banks, partners and regulators.

Full transparency

Given the nature of blockchain technology, KYC-Chain provides full transparency auditability of the KYC process, while still securing the client’s privacy.

Convenient Compliance

Perform interviews and remote KYC checks easily through our API. Automatically check on passport data, certificates of good standing, and other relevant documents in accordance to banking laws and regulations.

Why KYC-Chain?

Built over blockchain and smart contracts technology, KYC-Chain provides consensus on identity of individuals at the highest level of trust, bringing a new level of ease and simplicity to the process of onboarding new customers for businesses and financial institutions, while securing the verification of compliance standards.
The future of finance, law and commerce rely upon identity.

Identity is one of the most important aspect of social life.

Thousands of years ago, the Ancient Greek aphorism “know thyself” was inscribed at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Today, we provide a new method to know oneself: Proof of Identity.

KYC-chain is technology aimed to keep regulators satisfied with enhanced procedures that are Smart, while providing businesses a smooth and efficient process, and last but not least – provide end users with the ability to finally maintain their privacy online.

  • · Process Transparency

    As the identity consensus is made over a blockchain, the whole process is fully transparent and auditable by regulators, without compromising the customer's information.

  • · Privacy of Data

    Customers own the private key to their encrypted data, being the ones who choose which part of their information to share and to whom.

  • · No infrastructure

    All the processing and storage of data is done on the blockchain, which is an immutable distributed ledger. No servers or processing infrastructure is needed... We provide the API. Businesses join us to start reducing significant costs while opening to a whole spectrum of potential new customers.

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